Thursday, August 6, 2020

When it rains... - Judges 2:10

"When it rains, it pours." has had a negative connotation my whole life. Ironically, the phrase was coined by Morton as a 1911 marketing slogan for a new and improved salt that was easy to pour and didn't clump when exposed to the slightest bit of moisture. That said, I'll break two rules of modern word-smithing with one post. I'll use this now drab phrase in it's former positive glory and write a Christian blog post that mentions the word 'salt' without referencing Matthew 5. (I should try out for AGT) This past week was an exciting "When it rains, it pours" [in a good way] kinda culmination. I got to marry two good friends, on the week of my wedding anniversary, on the exact same beach that Kristin and I were wed 17 years ago. It was super special. I arrived a couple hours before anyone else to catch the sunrise and spend some time with God and my notes for the service. I was reminded in so many ways that morning of our special day. As I passed the resort our wedding party had occupied and then crossed the draw bridge onto Mullet Key heading toward that very special North Beach dune, my heart was reliving our first dates and the feeling I felt as my gorgeous bride-to-be rose over that sand-swept dune toward the love of her life; me. I could hear my trembling fingers picking out the melody I had written for her on that beat up Gibson guitar and see her beautiful glowing face approaching, hair all done up, wearing the necklace I'd made for her, with flowers in hand. Smiling, crying faces, our Youth Pastor's words, rings, the kiss, joy! I felt the calm that had come over me as we sank in to the back seat of that beached boat, shoved off by our family and friends, and sailed off into the sunset. I now pause as I wipe a couple fresh tears from my keyboard. There's no doubt that Kristin could sense my renewed passion that afternoon as I rejoined her and the family. I didn't plan this. I planned a meaningful wedding for friends but "When it rains, it pours." All of those special places and memories took me back; more than just my thoughts and emotions. Why didn't I plan this? Now knowing what our relationship has to gain from going back, and reliving those moments together, why wouldn't I plan this? And so it is in this love relationship with our Savior. From getting to know Jesus and falling in love with Him to choosing to spend the rest of your life and eternity with Him and walking out together with Him each day, there is so much good for our souls to be found in periodically taking a walk down memory lane with Him. It was a practice passed down from generation to generation of the Israelites, in which they recounted all that God had done; all the ways He'd provided, protected and loved them throughout the generations. There came a time when the Israelites pushed pause on this practice and a whole generation failed to know the goodness of God, starting over at ground zero without the oral history of His love and faithfulness to bolster their faith. So take a moment today and often to remind yourself why you love Him. It's always been because [of how] He first loved you. Relive those moments when you've experienced his grace and forgiveness the most. Take yourself back to times when He's provided for you and protected you. As you reminisce, allow yourself to be overwhelmed and approach Him again with a renewed passion.

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