Thursday, October 1, 2020

Mark 2 - Their Needs / Our Assignment

I just spoke with someone who, through tears, shared of a need they’ve discovered. Reaching out to me for help in filling that need, I gather that, now that they’ve been exposed to this hardship, there’s pretty much no chance it won’t be taken care of. Not because they’re wealthy with the working knowledge or skillset required to see it through but because they’re that type of person. They can’t sleep while the need is remains unmet. They don’t speak figuratively of the need, like,”Would’nt it be nice if someone [not me] could take care of it?” But instead, as if the need were their own, they set a goal, break it down, and start driving at it hard and fast with no off-ramps. I love that! Over the years, I’ve known folks like this to sell everything and move halfway around the world, raise destitute kids as their own, and cry with perfect strangers. Mark 2:15-16 is where the rubber meets the road with our faith and good works. It doesn’t describe religious practices. In fact when questioned Jesus himself said that true religion is taking care of widows and orphans. We read and discover that faith is dead without works and empty words of encouragement without substance that fills needs is equally as dead and useless. We must be those people who translate the needs of others into personal assignments, who find fulfillment in filling their needs and who, instead of just speaking empty words, show our faith by our deeds.

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