Thursday, April 4, 2019

Proverbs 4 - Heart Keeper

There have been a number of relatives, friends and acquaintances of mine who have recently had heart attacks. One was quite unexpected and probably the result of a seemingly harmless recreational accident. Another came out of nowhere but was massive, requiring extensive surgery. The last I’ll mention could have been easily avoidable, with plenty of warning signs but with no preventative action taken. It has always been interesting to me that we use the word heart to describe this muscular organ behind our rib cage that pumps blood through our circulatory system as well as the equally inaccessible core of all things emotional, intellectual, and moral within each of us, often considered the figurative. It does, however flesh out to be the most incredibly accurate way to describe this nearly indescribable piece of man from which life itself flows and without which one is dead. So no wonder the Bible instructs us, as a father to a son, to “keep our hearts with all vigilance.” Having a family history laced heavily with heart conditions and life’s cut short by the like, I decided several years ago to engage in preventative screenings. If something could harm my heart, I wanted to know about it far on this side of the widow-maker, bound and determined anything preventable would be prevented. I want to guard my heart, my inner-man, with that same fervor. I want soul wounds to heal long before they mar my heart. I want a spiritual diet and exercise plan that strengthens my heart and I want to be in tune with the condition of my heart as well as conditions in my life that could harm it. So how is your heart and what could you be doing to be a better heart keeper?

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