Thursday, August 1, 2019

Weakness is a lie! - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Funny thing about power tools… They allow you to do what you don’t have the power to do and often with a measure of precision you may be lacking as well. But if a power tool must be used, and if there’s a man around at the time, it’s best you hand the tool over, right? ‘Cause power tools are for men and all of us men are all the more manly for using them. Disclaimer [lest I be exiled from man-land]: I do love me some power tools. But it’s the power tools themselves, not my ginormous muscles, that make many of these tough jobs manageable. In fact, it’s my weakness that necessitates the use of the power tools. So I can’t turn the wrench on that nut by myself but, with the help of a Speedaire Industrial Duty Impact Wrench, I’m pretty much the man! Moses didn’t have what it took to free an entire nation from the grip of a stubborn Pharaoh with unmatched military power. Peter didn’t have what it took to adjust his molecular density or command buoyancy from the water in order to step out of the boat and join his Rabbi. And so I choose to join the ranks of countless weaklings throughout the scriptures, who allowed God’s power to be made perfect in their weakness. Here are two things He’s been whispering into my spirit:

In me, you have what it takes to do what I’m calling you to do.

For you, weakness is a lie as MY power in you makes you strong.

What is he whispering to you? Will you choose, as the Apostle Paul did, to  boast all the more gladly in your weakness, so that the power of Christ may rest upon you?

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