Thursday, April 2, 2020

Stop Fighting The Current – Proverbs 3

So there’s this sign posted at like every public beach access. If you’re caught in a rip current, knowing this simple plan can save your life and get you back to the beach. I love how so many patterns and principals in nature present Gods way with such clear perspective. But of course, He designed it that way. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like you’re swimming against a strong current and making no headway. While on the surface, the waves appear to be lapping the shoreline like normal and up and down the beach you see folks paddling in with ease, but paddle as you may, you’re no closer to dry sand, increasingly exhausted and barely keeping your head above the water as the, once beautiful surf, now gnarls it’s teeth at you’re bobbing head. If you’ve ever been trapped in a nasty current in life or at sea, you know this dramatic description is an understatement. But, if in the water, you’ve every tried the straightforward strategy described on this sign, you’ve likely become confident  enough not to panic in a common rip current situation. Chances are you even paddle back out for more waves, experiencing several effortless rip current escapes in a single day. This is not because you’ve become some super swimmer, but instead because you’ve tapped in to the power of employing the right strategy. We try so hard to wrap our minds around a winning strategy for life, a worthy endeavor. Proverbs 3 is like the rip current sign for life. It exhorts us not to trust our own understanding too much but instead to always look to God and He’ll provide the straight way to where we need to be going. So good news! We can stop depleting ourselves  physically, mentally and emotionally battling the rip currents of our lives and just trust it all to the one who founded the earth and established the heavens, who broke open the deep and dropped down dew from the clouds. In Him we can find life for our souls, security in our walk and  freedom from fear and confidently inherit the favor and honor that comes with trusting Him.

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